Cultivating the Future: How Robots are Revolutionizing Agriculture


IThese robots uses specialized tools and accessories, arms and hands to perform agricultural tasks.

I have collected robots from around the world to give you an idea of how deeply the technology penetrates the agricultural systems.I make a short overview for each of these robots.

Automated harvesting

Iron Ox designed a robot to help transplant the lettuce between the trays.The robot is designed to work in a greenhouse and uses a rectangular frame to move one side to another.


Automated weed control

Fleet, a slip of a restaurant on the quiet end of the town’s commercial district. There are only 14 seats, and they are hard to secure. 


Autonomous navigation in the fields

It's equipped with sensors that monitor soil temperature, composition, moisture, and plant health, all without causing harm to croplands. 



Kompano is a robot uses in horticulture and programmed to do the deleafing of tomato crops.



This wheeled robot is designed for greenhouses cores and prepared to use. It carries a 30-gallon tank and travel autonomously around the greenhouse to perform watering chores.



is a robot designed to apply pesticides in greenhouses. For navigation, the robot uses a combination of GPS data, algorithms and a cable that emits an electro-magnetic signal.


The Spirit

The Spirit is an autonomous electric tractor designed to mow the lawn.



Prospero is a giant autonomous spider that can work in groups to plant, tend and harvest autonomously.


Robots in nurseries

Nursery Bot is the solution to automate move potted plants around. The robot uses wheels, gripper arms, trays and sensors move the plants to the desired location.


Vine Robot

the robot uses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to manage the vineyards. The robot provides data about water status, production, vegetable development or grape composition.