Frydman began by calling out Giuliani for accusing investigators of running a "fascist" probe of his efforts to illegally keep former President Donald Trump in power.

"He's trying to create a smoke screen and to delay as long as possible," Frydman said. 

"Listen, Rudy flew too close to the sun, he got too close to Trump, he got burned. he knows how the DOJ works. he knows how the FBI works... I know he's nervous."

Frydman then was asked why he believes Giuliani has something to fear from the Georgia investigation.

"He knows the truth," Frydman replied. "He knows he lied to legislators. He knows that he concocted this scheme. He knows he lied for his client. He knows we all know, it's clear."

Frydman then broke down what he believed Giuliani's strategy is in trying to claim political persecution.

"Delay, delay, delay, kick the can down the road," he said. "You know, at this point in his life, his goal is to die a free man."