Former president Trump's son and social media have a predictable relationship. Basically, Donald Trump Jr. tweets something or posts to Instagram, and it promptly ignites a firestorm of controversy.

The frank mouthpiece of the GOP chief's latest post about the FBI strike at Mar-a-Lago is no exemption, particularly since it relates to his step-mother, Melania. 

In the first place, some foundation. One part of the assault on the Trump domain that apparently looked to recover grouped records had nearly everybody scratching their heads (through CNBC)

As indicated by Trump's posting on Truth Social, specialists "scrounged" through the previous first woman's wardrobe during their hunt (by means of Newsweek)

Twitter responded quickly to the odd spot the FBI looked while at the Trump home for a detailed nine hours, with one individual wryly taking note of

 "They went through Melania's storeroom before they went through Hunter's PC

How Don Jr. responded to the news that Melania's closet had been looked was on another level in any case.

As Twitter rambled hypotheses and responses to the FBI looking through Melania Trump's storage room, 

with many individuals kidding that Jill Biden was searching for more trendy clothing and probably approved this piece of the strike, Donald Trump Jr. shared an image about the confusing practice.

Taking to his Instagram Story Saturday, the previous first child posted a photograph of a man in the midst of heaps of underwear 

 alongside the enlightening subtitle, "Federal authorities in Melania's storage room" (by means of Yahoo!).

As anyone might expect, individuals were upset by the idea of Don Jr. contemplating his stepmom's clothing, with one individual tweeting in response, "Indeed, there's something exceptionally

Someone else referred to the image as "dreadful," while another person guaranteed the firstborn child of the previous POTUS has an interest for step-moms.

It's actually significant that onlookers have long noticed the numerous actual similitudes between Don Jr's. pledged, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Melania